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A big return for the ice cream market change.

The Emendatori family, with over 40 years of experience in the artisan ice cream industry, has established Vayra, a traditional company that built its reputation on artisan quality in 1905.

This meeting created Emendatori&Vayra1905, a newly founded traditional company, in-depth international knowledge of artisan ice cream and an innovative approach to the sector capable of revolutionizing market and consumer dynamics and trends.

Within the company, a talent working group, whose mentor and advisor is Giordano Emendatori, works professionally, passionately and with enthusiasm on this extraordinary new project, he wants to become a guide for the ice cream world.


A versatile offer that can be individually designed

We offer products that can be customized to facilitate the work of the point of sale.

We offer a constantly new and attractive selection of ice cream products.

Fast delivery of our products

In order to make the delivery more useful and to facilitate the customers, a premium delivery service with a high performance level has been foreseen: 48-72 hours for standard deliveries.

What makes us unique

The customer is at the center of our project

We see the customer not only as such, but as a real business partner. It is crucial to us that the customer actively participates in the research and introduction of new products with ideas and suggestions.

To facilitate communication, which also includes training measures, a multimedia platform is used in addition to e-commerce.

100 products for 1000 applications

Based on the needs that we have identified over the course of our many years of experience, we have promoted a series of actions to make work easier and more functional, with the aim of making the tools agile and safe.

Our offering includes products and solutions that can be customized for different types of customers and relevant markets.

All this will be easily accessible thanks to a wide catalog and a better international selection of products for ice cream, pastry, chocolate and bars, including complementary products.


We want to be ambassadors for a revolution in this sector. A change that not only affects the quality of the product, but also the supply chain. A soft and sustainable revolution that values the environmental aspect and that promotes innovative products of quality and use based on cold fusion that save water, energy and processing time.